About Sapa

A welcome contrast to the vibrant streets of Hanoi; Sapa and the surrounding nature lets you relax into the ancient tribal culture, renowned for its hospitality, craftsmanship and the breath taking rice fields.

Sitting peacefully at the foothill of Indochina’s highest mountain, Phan Xi Păng Fanispan” often referred to as ‘the Roof of Indochina”, Sapa offers a rare chance to explore the road less traveled. The surrounding hills, worked tirelessly for hundreds of years by local tribes, are etched with paths winding through bamboo forests, cascading waterfalls and tribal villages creating a blur of colour, nature and culture.

Established as a trekking hub, the actual town of Sapa is perfectly situated for quick access into the remote Vietnamese hills. For this reason, the main road has an eclectic mix of cafes, restaurants, hotels and “spas”, offering places to build up energy for a trek or to unwind after a few days in the tranquil hills. Although you will require very little whilst trekking, as is the Vietnamese way, if you need anything it can be found on the main road, in the local ‘adventure’ shops.


Your Trek With Sapa Tribal Trekking

This is a once in a lifetime experience, that will stay with you forever.

Whether you choose a short, easy to explore adventure or a rural, off-the-beaten-track tribal trek, you will be accompanied by one (or more) of our expert English-speaking native guides.

You will have the opportunity to stay the night in homestays, where you will enjoy wifi and hot showers. Alternatively, you can choose to stay in a local house with a local family. Either way you will experience this incredible place and amazing people. Huddle round an open fire, spend time chatting and getting to know your host family. In the local house there will be no luxuries, no wifi, but what there is, is a chance to hang up your connection with the world wide web, and just for a while connect with nature. You’ll be surprised by the wonderful effect a “back to basics” lifestyle (even for a couple of days) can have. Instagram and facebook can wait… !

All our treks are private with your own tour guide. We try to avoid other tourist routes (unless you advise otherwise). Our guides speak excellent English, are local and have so much knowledge about Sapa, the surroundings, history, culture, and the different tribes.

What We Do..

So that’s what we do, we organise once in a lifetime treks with your own private guide. Giving you flexibility and personal attention to discover this amazingly beautiful area and wonderful people.

And by booking with Sapa Tribal Trekking, you are giving back to the local H’mong guides and the local people, giving them opportunities to earn a fair wage, which in a region where 70% of the population is below the poverty line, is desperately needed. 

Recommended by our customers; "Reviews", Tripadvisor, Petit Fute & Ponto 55

Our Ground Agent

This is the story of our ground agent and main guide: Giang Giao (Zao)

Giang Giao lives in Sapa with her husband and 2 young children. She was born  in a village local to Sapa, called Ta Van (a village you are likely to visit during your treks). Giang spent her early years growing up in Ta Van, but then her parents moved to the mountains, so she did too. And in the rural mountains is where Giao spent the rest of her childhood. Giang went to school between the ages of 10 to 13 and afterwards started working to help earn money for her family. Giang speaks excellent English which she has learnt completely from interacting with others.

About 6 years ago Giang moved to Sapa and began working as a Tour Guide. Her parents remain living in the mountains. Giang, like the rest of our tour guides (including her husband and cousin) knows Sapa like the back of her hand and will be able to provide you with the most fantastic trek, tell you all about the different cultures, tribes and traditions, talk you through the history and show you the most beautiful sites of Sapa.

As for us…

It was during one of Giang’s treks that she met Katie (who set up this website). Katie & her husband Tom were then, a newly married 30 year old couple. Having moved from London to Brighton, they went on sabbatical from their careers, Katie - a lawyer and Tom - a marine brand manager.

After travelling elsewhere, Katie & Tom came to Vietnam and after a fairly eventful overnight train ride from Hanoi  to Lao Cai, (sharing their cabin with 3 Czech travelers, charming but intoxicated!) they arrived in Sapa.

Katie & Tom spent several days trekking with Giang; it was a beautiful, memorable and inspiring experience. Katie and Giang became very close friends and remained so ever since. It was a result of that friendship that Sapa Tribal Trekking was set up and is what it is today. Before that trek, Katie was convinced she would not enjoy the trip to Sapa (the idea of walking bored her…how wrong she turned out to be!!). Katie (and Tom) fell in love with Sapa, the people, the stunning scenery, the magnificent history and tribal cultures. A breath-taking experience.

How to Book

You can book online using the  booking page, or get in contact using the "contact" page or email: info@sapatribaltrekking.com, to discuss a longer or alternative trekking experiences to suit you, including arranging transport from Hanoi - or where else you might be in Vietnam.

We look forward to helping you create an Adventure!

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