Awesome two day trip in Sapa
If you want to see the beautiful local villages, be closer to locals, try local meal, hiking around rice fields, we have to highly recommend you this trip!!! It is so peaceful place. You will fell in love. You will hike with local guide around rice fields and huge mountains, you will be surrounded by the beauty, and in the evening you will stay in a lovely home stay with the locals. This trip and guide is our highlight in Vietnam.
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Only Trek Worth Taking!
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Most amazing trip of my life
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“Wonderful trip!

Zo was a wonderful guide. ...We really recommend their services and don’t worry if you don’t have trekking shoes; just tell your guide and she’ll bring you to a place where you can rent them at an affordable price (and you’ll really need those shoes)”
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Toan and Zo are fantastic!
We booked our trip at the airport and it exceeded all our expectations. It was probably the best experience we had in Vietnam. Zo firstly picked us up in Sapa town and we trekked for hours surrounded by the beautiful scenery. We stayed the night in Toan’s Homestay and were fed delicious authentic food ( and plenty of beer and rice wine!). What really made this trip special for us was Toan and Zo, they were both so much fun and so welcoming. Thanks you for having us!
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Stayed in Sapa trival tour homestay. Surrounded by the most beautiful scenery and with lovely people. Tuan really made us feel comfortable, amd cooked up some amazing meals. He was a great host. Really made my stay here a great one
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“Fantastic Experience

An all-around wonderful trekking experience. Giang, our guide, was absolutely wonderful, balancing an exciting (and unbelievably scenic) trek with long conversations about the history and culture of the area. We did a two-day / one-night trek, staying with Giang’s brother outside the village of Ta Van, and we couldn’t have asked for more welcoming hosts. A (the?) highlight of our time in Vietnam, without a doubt. Giang (and the rest of the guides, I’m sure) are extremely knowledgeable, and will ensure that you get the most out of your time in the valley. I’d recommend them to anyone”
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Have to in sapa
Great tour, you have to trek wirh this company amazinf tour and day out, diffferent and accomadates all your needs, not the regular touristic stuff
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One of our highlights in Vietnam
We did a 2 day/1 night trek with our lovely guide, Giang. She was so kind and had so much knowledge about the area. Giang’s English is fluent and we could ask her a lot of questions (about the area, the environment, the customs from the different villages, the food...). She was also really spontaneous about it. We slept at the house of one of her family members, and they were so kind and generous. It was an unforgettable experience. We were really lucky having Giang as our guide, I think she’s one of the best in the area.
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Giang is the best guide , excellent experience!
My trek with Giang as a guide was great.She speaks perfect English and is very very kind, so I could learn a little bit about this wonderful people.
Climate was not very good but it did not matter
Congratulations Giang !! Hope to return some day.
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Excellent 2 day tour with a well verse guide- Giang
My Friend and I had the opportunity to spend 2 days with Giang, a local guide who’s knowledge and well verse in English.
Our 1st day brought us to Bah Hac market, a Sunday market with the different local tribes trading their goods.

Day 2 was a real highlight with a 1 day hike at Ta Van to Cau May bridge with Giang. It was a really beautiful day, cool air, sunny and clear. Giang, our local guide took time to made us special trekking poles to help us down the hill. She plan that hike in such a way that was manageable for my Friend who has hurt her back. Well rested and easy pace, it was indeed a great day out!
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Amazing experience!!!!
This two Day trip with the beautyful Black hmong Lady giang was amazing!
We walked along the ricefields and on the Top of a mountain and the view was unforgettable!
Giang knows everything about the culture, the landscape and she can answer every question you have, because her english is perfect !
She was always taking care of us...
We spend the night at her sisters house and could see the real and hard life of the tribes. Amazing!
We get delicous food, cooked on open fire, joked with the Kids and sleeped in our own nice room...
Her family was very lovely! !!
We would never miss th is trip!!!!
Thank you!
— Trip Advisor
Amazing place amazing guide
We had the most amazing experience in Sapa, thanks to our amazing guide Toan.
He’s very helpful and accomodating. He’s funny and has very very good knowledge of the area. He looked after us very well and kept us entertained through out the whole trip.

Trekking in Sapa is a Must do! The treks are reasonably easy and the views and sceneries are just breath taking! The locals, the food, the buildings, the colours ... Everything is just so attractive !

Sa Pa is definitely the place you must visit and we highly recommend Toan and his company! All the best for your business my friend!
— Trip Advisor
Everything in Sapa turns to magic
Best experience in Vietnam ever. We travelled from North to South and our stay in Sapa were the most incredible days of the whole trip. Giang Thi Zao was our lovely local guide. She knows all about Sapa ethnics, education system, Sapa traditions, customs.... All in perfect English and always with a lovely smile. Sapa mountains are beautiful. Rice patties, waterfalls, water buffalos, bamboo forest...everything in Sapa turns to magic. We totally recommend to do the home stay at Giang’s sister house, this is part of the whole Sapa experience. Giang’s sister and the rest of her family are the best hosts you can imagine. They showed us how to cook sticky rice cake and Vietnamese rolls. We had dinner all together as a family, drinking rice-wine, laughing and eating an enormous variety of meals. Giang and her family cooked all kind of amazing rural meals, and she even surprised us with some western french fries with garlic! Nice house at the top of a hill, lovely bed, wood-fire kitchen, clean toilet and spectacular views. Visiting Sapa with Giang and living with her family was a 10 out of 10 experience we strongly recommend.
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Greatest time of my life !!!
In the mountains of northern Vietnam lays a treasure. Sapa is probably the most beautiful places I’ve seen. But the best part of my stay there was meeting with the Hmong people, in particular Zao, the general manager and main guide of Sapa Tribal Tour. My wife and I spent 3 days with her and she showed us the beauties of Sapa and of the surrounding nature and Hmong villages. This was a life-changing experience for us and our only hope is that we can go back one day. Go with Zao and spend at the very least one night with a Hmong family, she will show you natural wonders and the kindest of hearts.
— Trip Advisor